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Why Magicians Are My Favorite Choice for Corporate Entertainment

If you’re looking for a way to entertain a large group of people, then magicians are a brilliant choice.

The thing about magicians – and the reason that they are my favorite choice when I need to entertain a group at a function – is that they are both genuinely entertaining and also quite inoffensive.

If you hire dancers, there’s the possibility that their attire may offend someone or make someone uncomfortable. If you hire comedians, then there’s the chance that they might tell jokes that are offensive – or that they just might not be funny. If you hire singers or bands, then you could find that they aren’t popular with all of your attendees – and because they are playing loud music, they’ll dominate the room, making it hard for people to network.

Magicians can perform on a stage while people are eating, drinking and networking – the acts are entertaining, they’re inoffensive, and they’re quiet enough that if people aren’t interested they can retreat to the back of the room and have a conversation. It’s the perfect compromise.

Most magicians that get a steady stream of bookings ARE entertaining, and that’s important. They are people that have a lot of experience with working in front of a crowd, and they have pleasing tricks with cards, balls, cups, fabric, or pure mind-reading that will work for almost any age group. They can entertain kids and adults at the same show, and they can pull people up from the crowd as well. It’s the ideal way to reach a large audience without running the risk of upsetting one particular group. That’s why it’s such a brilliant choice, and why so many people opt to bring in magicians for their corporate parties. One of my personal friends does this for a living, and you can find his business here: Trafficstoppers.

Looking At Crime Rates In NYC And NJ

My husband and I want to move. He has been offered a job in both NYC and a city in NJ. We have been looking at our options and homes in both areas.

We have found a few homes that we like, and they are also within our price range. We have also found schools in the area that are highly rated and many kids and parents alike love these schools.

Before we move and decide which place we want to go to, we have been comparing crime rates in both NYC and NJ. We want to make sure the place we are going to go to is safe for our children.

Luckily, there is lots of information on real estate listings that we have looked at, and we have been able to compare both places. We have also searched around online to find out what the crime rates are in this area and what types of crimes are being committed. We noticed there are lots of bail bonds companies, like lucky 7 bail bonds, that service some areas, which made us worried.


We want to make sure we move to a safer place and not one with high rates of crimes.


I have had some of my friends that suggested other websites look at to get even more information. We are going to compare the two cities more before we make a final decision. The jobs he was offered are the same, just in different locations. We just need to figure out which place we want to live. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, we will be able to decide which place we want to move to. At that point, we will decide which houses we want to look at and will be able to make arrangements so we can look at them before we choose which one we want to live in.

My Experience at Ainsworth Restaurant


the ainsworth, where we had the party

Last week, I happened to visit the Ainsworth Restaurant at NYC for an event organized by our office colleague. Here, I would like to share some of my experiences during my visit (http://theainsworth.com/rent-event-space-nyc).

As soon as I entered, I was not sure about the venue of the event but I was gladly welcomed by the restaurant staffs who were very kind and polite. I was accompanied by one of the staff to the venue of the event. When I made my way into the venue, I was astonished by the ambience of the room. The lighting arrangements were so good. There was enough space in the room to accommodate all the guests. The provision of screens ensured about keeping the guests entertained all the time. I could even get a better view of the surroundings through the large windows placed within the room.

The menu card had an ample variety of dishes and food options to choose from. There were many drinks and food varieties like fish, pork, etc all of them with a reasonable price. I would not say its cheap, but the price is acceptable for the quality they provide. The event was already planned, so we already booked the food items to be served. The event was well-organized by the staffs and they took every care to make all of us happy with their services. There was always a person assigned to help us get what we want. The drinks were served on an unlimited basis.

Besides having my food, I really enjoyed watching sports with my office colleagues in the television placed in the restaurant. It was awesome to watch my favorite football game along with the ambient services of the restaurant. Though the sound of the television could have been a bit lower, it was not a big problem. I am sure about visiting the Ainsworth Restaurant again soon.